Flor, Casa, Corazón

“THERE ARE THREE PIECES of jewellery that have a special place in my memory. When I was four years old my mother gave me a beautiful ring with a very colorful painting of a house in enamel. I still have a set of earrings and a ring in the form of a flower from when I was nine. All of them have a pearl in the center, and a small zircon on each petal. Years later during my adolescence, my first boyfriend gave me a heart shaped necklace. Because of these moments, years before I could ever have imagined dedicating my life to this, I saw jewellery from a more emotional point of view, full of fascination for everything that my mom sold in her shop.

These incredibly simple elements that are so widely recognizable and iconic, have subtly shaped aspects that are present in many of my designs and that have finally become protagonists in this collection. This collection is a voyage to my childhood, a compilation of the symbols that were ever present for those of us that grew up between 1990 and 2000. Above all, it is an homage to feelings, to the memory of a more naive and spontaneous era.

While designing this collection I was inspired in part y aspects of Victorian era jewellery, made in a time when aesthetic identity was defined by eclecticism, the revival of styles from past periods, and a more decorative taste.”


– Cristina Junquero


Her mother has owned a small jewelry shop in Chipiona, Cadiz since 1978, which was inherited from her grandfather. Her childhood was spent surrounded by the most traditional Andalusian jewelry. Being full of deeply religious symbolism, this was the spark that inspired her to create a new and rupturist proposal, full of humor.


All her pieces are handmade at her workshop in Barcelona. By working under local production, she can personally control each and every one of the phases in her process. She first models all the pieces in wax by hand, and melts them in 18kt gold, silver, or brass. When melting them in brass, she then bathes them in 18kt gold, the sacred metal, recovering the tradition of her roots.