“For my seventh collection I wanted to give free rein to something that has become a resource and an obsession in my creative process from the first designs: the repetition of the same element, the search for new plastic forms in which to capture the same idea, and the dialectical relationship of those elements to create something new.

Each image, each icon, can appear in three-dimensional form (it can have a body), it can also be a line or a drawing, it can be a flat image, a silhouette. I like the feeling of eclecticism that this mix can give. Some of these pieces even combine a silver or gold finish, something that is quite present in antique jewelry, but to which we are not so accustomed today. And that, paradoxically, can seem very contemporary to us.

This search for formal eclecticism has been very present when designing these pieces. Not being afraid of disorder, of asymmetry, of looking for chaos to put it back in order.”

– Cristina Junquero


Her mother has owned a small jewelry shop in Chipiona, Cadiz since 1978, which was inherited from her grandfather. Her childhood was spent surrounded by the most traditional Andalusian jewelry. Being full of deeply religious symbolism, this was the spark that inspired her to create a new and rupturist proposal, full of humor.


All her pieces are handmade at her workshop in Barcelona. By working under local production, she can personally control each and every one of the phases in her process. She first models all the pieces in wax by hand, and melts them in 18kt gold, silver, or brass. When melting them in brass, she then bathes them in 18kt gold, the sacred metal, recovering the tradition of her roots.