Within the traditions of Andalucia exists a special attention to the ritualistic jewelry worn during the most significant moments in one’s life; birth, marriage, and death. The collection IV embraces this inheritance as a naive and genuine celebration of life.

Cristina Junquero presents certain familiar aspects of past designs; the asterisk, the camafeo, the relationship of numbers, and the ongoing reinterpretation of the folkloric earrings that form part of the Piconera Gaditano’s outfit. These elements compose the core of her visual language, and on this occasion search to give them a form fully representing these symbolic objects.

We find pieces inspired by the classic baptism broches, in representations of love, and in the bond formed between two people and it’s subsequent rupture. Here the pearl is not an element of distinction, but a symbol of birth, purity, and light. The asterisk appears deconstructed and then reconstructed in a constant cycle, and elements like the flower are introduced as a representation of the first periods of one’s life.

IV is a small and intimate collection that aims to remind us of the importance of giving value to the details, to each of the steps that builds our journey.


Her mother has owned a small jewelry shop in Chipiona, Cadiz since 1978, which was inherited from her grandfather. Her childhood was spent surrounded by the most traditional Andalusian jewelry. Being full of deeply religious symbolism, this was the spark that inspired her to create a new and rupturist proposal, full of humor.


All her pieces are handmade at her workshop in Barcelona. By working under local production, she can personally control each and every one of the phases in her process. She first models all the pieces in wax by hand, and melts them in 18kt gold, silver, or brass. When melting them in brass, she then bathes them in 18kt gold, the sacred metal, recovering the tradition of her roots.